Episode 55

Published on:

18th Sep 2021

REvil's ransomware victims get a decryptor

A cybersecurity firm published a universal decryption tool to help victims of the REvil ransomware gang recover encrypted files. Anonymous breached a web hosting provider and domain registrar that gave shelter to right-wing websites. And the Department of Justice fined three former NSA employees who worked as hackers-for-hire for a United Arab Emirates firm. Plus, Verizon's Alex Pinto joins to talk about the cybersecurity industry's wittiest report.

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Weekly cyber security intelligence updates from The Record by Recorded Future.
This is a weekly round-up of the most compelling cyber security intelligence originating from The Record and Recorded Future's research team — Insikt Group. Recorded Future is the global leader in security intelligence and every Friday we'll be highlighting the latest intelligence from criminal activity and nation state sponsored cyber campaigns to geo-political developments.

Whether you're responsible for improving operational cyber security or strategically reducing risk, this podcast is for you! Even if you're just interested in learning more about cyber security and the intelligence that informs it, this is the right spot.

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Levi Gundert is the Senior Vice President of Global Intelligence at Recorded Future where he leads the continuous effort to measurably decrease operational risk for clients.
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